Solophone: First Solar powered smartphone Solophone launched in india booking starts at rs 490 only: Solar energy-based Solophone has arrived in the Indian market. In the last few years, there is a lot of emphasis on solar energy in a country like India. Solar energy is not only beneficial for the environment, but because of this, the consumption of several kilo watt power generated from other sources can be reduced.

In view of the love of nature of Prime Minister, Solophone has been launched in the Indian market. This is a revolutionary discovery and will be distributed by the company on a first come first take basis. The company aims to benefit all sections. Therefore, its booking will be started from just Rs490.

The company has invented Solophone after 5 years of hard work.

After the invention, the company tested and tested it for 16 months, after which it was made available to users. People who run Solophone have found it to be true on every front. This modern discovery will save thousands of watts of electricity in the country. Several changes have been made in Solophone’s technology, which makes it harmless by using harmful waves emanating from it.

The company has set some rules for booking Solophone. According to this rule, if there are more bookings than the prescribed number, then its booking will be stopped. You will be informed about this through SMS and website. The delivery of Solophone will be started on the new year. If there is any problem in the phone, you can complain about it. After the complaint, the authorized officials will come to your address and correct the phone problems.

Being a solar product, the company is making it available to customers at a low price on the basis of NO PROFIT NO LOSS. The Solophone has been designed keeping all sections in mind, so that no one will miss the modern features.

These techniques have been used in solophone


This technology prevents the phone from heating up by solar charging, which increases the battery life. Not only this, with this technology, your phone runs for hours without any interruption.


This technology displays the solar charging of your phone and automatically stops charging when the battery is full charged.


This is a sensor that automatically turns on when the battery reaches 70% and the battery starts charging.


This battery works 45% more efficiently than an ordinary battery and maintains a longer battery life. Through this, you also get freedom from repeated charging.

S.N.H.P.C.T –

Solar technology will prove to be a milestone in the world due to this revolutionary incredible change. By this technology, the small solar panel installed in a mobile cell collects energy and charges the battery faster.

India’s confidence and innovation of Kyocera’s technology Solophone

Given the Indian market and the need of the people, we realized that even today many rural areas of India do not have access to electricity properly, due to which people have to face a lot of difficulties.

We believe that the resources that nature has given us, should be put to good use so that there is no risk of global warming. Realizing the need of those needy people, we tried to make a solar technology based mobile phone, in which we Join hands with the world’s leading company in the solar energy sector and we have been successful in it.

With this technology, not only will the needs of the people be fulfilled, but the country will also save thousands of watt power. India is currently third in the world in the solar energy sector. As a result of this revolutionary discovery, our country can move ahead in this field.

Its use will not only save electricity, but also conserve water and your mobile phone will also be harmless. Some of the profits earned by the company will be spent on the education of poor children who do not have electricity facility in their village. Also, proper lighting will be provided for them by solar equipment.

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