TikTok New Sensation Virat Kohli more than 4 Million Followers

TikTok New Sensation Virat Kohli more than 4 Million Followers: Whether it is a playground or a video platform like TikTok, Captain Virat Kohli of Team India is all around. These days video uploading looks like Virat Kohli on social media app TikTok Gaurav Arora is in a lot of discussion. There is more than 4 million followers of Gaurav, who looks like Virat Kohli on TikTok, more than 4 million followers. Gaurav’s video has got more than 35 million ie more than 35 million Hearts.

Why People follow Gaurav Arora

People are following Gaurav Arora on popular video-making app like TikTok, because his appearance is largely with Captain Virat Kohli of Team India. Gaurav does not look like Virat Kohli, but Gaurav also has his hairstyles and looks made like Captain Kohli. Gaurav is making video in Captain’s jersey of Team India on TikTok. Gaurav keeps making regular TikTok videos for his followers and viewers.

TikTok total users in India

TikTok has more than 20 million users in India at this time. The Madurai Bench of Madras High Court was banned by TikTok on the last day. The Madras High Court said that due to TikTok the youth are having a bad effect. A PIL was filed against TikTok, which stated that the content and subject to be shared on it are objectionable. However, the ban on TikTok was later lifted. TikTok too has been in controversy for a long time, just like PUBG. TikTok has recently been accused of data theft, after which the central government has sought response from the Chinese app company ByteDance about data privacy from TikTok.

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