TikTok Send all your Personal Information to Chaina: Shashi Tharoor


TikTok Send all your Personal Information to Chaina: Shashi Tharoor

TikTok Send all your Personal Information to Chaina: Shashi Tharoor: TikTok is once again in difficult. This time, Indian political leader Shahis Tharoor has accused the app that TikTok is sending users’ personal data to China. In response, the company has released a statement for the public, where Shashi Tharoor’s claim has been denied. The company claims that all rules regarding data privacy are being followed. Is this claim of Shashi Tharoor right? Lets know

What Shashi Tharoor say in Lok Sabha?

Shashi Tharoor said in Lok Sabha that the correct framework is not available in India regarding data protection. The country’s external security is in danger and data leaks are also not safe. According to him, this is a national security issue. He said that the government has to prepare the right framework for data privacy. He also said that recently, in the US, federal regulators in the US have made a fine of $ 5.7 million on social media app TikTok, when collecting data for children illegally. According to him, the use of social media and applications is inacreasingly available in large numbers in India and data is not difficult for anyone to access.

What TikTok Say?

TikTok rejected all allegations of Tharoor saying that all these claims are correct. The company ensured that the safety and privacy for them are most important and the company is following all the rules. According to the company, the TikTok users of the Chinese government have no access to any data and neither have any partnerships with China Telecom. TikTok also confirmed that the data of Indian users is stored in US and Singapore. The company made it clear that they do not work in China. Also, China and TikTok have no relation.


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