TRAI: Mobile bell will ring for 30 seconds, TRAI fix Ring time for Mobile Phones


TRAI: Mobile bell will ring for 30 seconds, TRAI fix Ring time for Mobile Phones: IUC, however, has seen a lot of upheaval in the telecom sector. Citing the cost of IUC i.e. interconnect usage charges, the telecom companies had reduced the time of mobile ringing to 25 seconds, which was usually 40 to 45 seconds earlier.

At the same time, Reliance Jio had talked about reducing its ring time to 20 seconds, after which a lot of controversy was seen between the telecom companies. At the same time, TRAI has set the deadline for the phone bells to shock all telecom operators. After TRAI’s order, now the mobile phone bell will ring for 30 seconds.

Applicable for both Incoming and Outgoing calls

TRAI’s ring time is applicable for both incoming and outgoing calls. According to the TRAI, the call may or may not be answered, but the deadline for the phone bell will be only 30 seconds. Apart from this, TRAI has fixed a time of 60 seconds for the landline, i.e. the bell will ring for only 60 seconds on the landline.

Let me tell you that earlier there was no minimum deadline for ringing the bell on landline in India. TRAI, while instructing the operators, has clarified that it will be mandatory to release unanswered calls after 90 seconds if the call release message is not received.

Till now, telecom companies themselves were reducing the time of ringing on the phone to take advantage of the income from the call connecting fee, so that consumers in other networks would be forced to call back on their network. Airtel had reduced the ring time to 30 seconds, while Reliance Jio had reduced the ring time to 30 seconds to avoid IUC charges, after which the controversy in the telecom sector continued to escalate.

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