Warning for Whatsapp and Telegram Users: All media Files can be Hacked Check it soon

Warning for Whatsapp and Telegram Users: All media Files can be Hacked Check it soon: If you think that WhatsApp and Telegram media files are safe then you think wrong. Syber files cyber security firm Symantec has claimed that media files received on these messaging platforms can easily be viewed and manipulated by hackers. This is happening due to such a bug. The firm claims that there is a bug in WhatsApp and Telegram that can make changes to other media files including any photos. Among those present, Media File Jacking allows hackers to manipulate media and audio files.

What’s the Warning for Whatsapp and Telegram Users

What is happening on WhatsApp and Telegram Hazard: This security threat is Media Media Jacking. It is also compatible with WhatsApp and Telegram’s Save to Gallery feature on the Android platform. Hackers can make any changes in photos, videos, documents, invoices and voice memos. These hackers transfer some files to these apps and this change is done through this. However, it happens that the malware is already installed in a user’s smartphone. Let us know that the media files of WhatsApp are saved in external storage and in Telegram’s gallery. In this case, neither of these two apps keeps an eye on the file. For this reason, these media files continue to be threatened by jacking attacks.

Users’ personal information can be hacked:

According to this report, taking advantage of this bug can make hackers files misused. Hackers can edit in any photo and video according to their own. Editing is possible not only for photos and videos but also in document, in-voice and audio files. Researchers have explained this by giving examples. It was also told that files can be made victim of jacking attack through third party app.

Symantec’s Researchers have created a malware and tested it to change or manipulate WhatsApp and Telegram media files. In a demo clip, it was told that two friends shared photos with each other. In which the device of the resort was malware installed and the image was received in the device in which two different faces were turned into the face of Nicholas Cage.

How to Avoid Users:

The security firm has given several options that developers can adopt to protect against this danger. One possible way for developers is to check the integrity of files by storing hash value in the metadata of each receiver media file before writing any files on the disk.


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